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2010 – Present  

M invites interested collectors to view her work in her current country of residence as she travels the world (including Thailand, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania).



Retrospective, Burning Butterfly Gallery, Union City, New Jersey.


Las Momias de Guanajuato, Galeria de Arte Moderno, Guadalajara, Mexico.



Physical Presence, Mesa Contemporary Arts, Mesa, AZ.

Dimensions 2007, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem, NC.

The Practice of Abstract Painting, The Drawing Studio, Tucson, AZ.


49th Chautauqua National Exhibition of American Art, Chautauqua Center for the Visual Arts, Chautauqua, NY; selected by juror Louis Grachos (Director, Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY)


NYC Citywide Open Studios, Emerging Artists International, New York, NY.

Square Foot Show, Art Gotham, New York, NY.

PooL Art Fair, New York, NY. Awarded exhibition space by Emerging Artists International.

Housatonic Museum of Art Annual Open Juried Show, Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT; 'tile 24 (pharmacology)' selected by juror Judy Kim (Curator of Exhibitions, American Federation of the Arts). Awarded honorable mention.

20" X 20" X 20" National Compact Competition, Louisiana State University Union Art Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA; 'tile 14 (orange background)' selected by juror Stephanie Hanor (Curator of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego).


7th Annual All Media Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC; 'tile 4 (orange)' selected by juror Britta Konau (Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts). Awarded honorable mention.

13th Annual National Exhibition, Art Institute & Gallery, Salisbury, MD; 'tile 9 (orange/blue)' selected by juror Ivan Karp (OK Harris Gallery, NY, NY). Awarded honorable mention by judge Ethan Karp; "(tile 9 is) mysterious, odd and disconcerting... and that is a good thing."

ArtShow Amherst, Amherst, MA.

Greeley Square Gallery International Art Showcase, Greeley Square Art Gallery, New York, NY.

Lakeside-Statewide Juried Art Exhibition, Art Association of Oswego, Inc., Oswego, NY.


Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art's 21st Annual Juried Exhibition, Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY; 'tile 4 (orange)' selected by juror Anne Umland (Curator, Department of Painting & Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY).

YDS Winter Wonder, curated by Concept Management Group at Eickholt Gallery, New York, NY.


Open Juried Art Annual, Helme House (SCAA), Kingstown, RI; 'tile 2 (red)' selected juror Stephen Saunders (Coordinator of the Young Artist Program, Rhode Island School of Design).



Bachelor of Arts, Simon's Rock College, The Berkshires, Massachusetts.


MG was born February 3, 1975. After completing the tenth grade  of high school, she left to attend college. In 1995, she received her B.A. in Political Science from Simon's Rock College of Bard, in Massachusetts. M is a self-taught painter, who first touched brush to canvas in 1998. In 1999, she left the United States and moved to the Pacific coast of Mexico in order to paint full time. MG relocated to Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2002 to advance her career. In 2010, M left the USA again to move to Thailand, where she lived and worked until 2014.  Since then, M has moved from country to country exploring the cultures and environments of Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania.


The infinity symbol refers to something without any limit.   I use this icon in an effort to explore the juxtaposition of the seemingly endless number of possibilities within our own minds and the confines of everyday life.   I enjoy the correspondence of this idea to the medium I work in.  Traditional oil painting is bound by two dimensionality.  And yet by accepting this restriction, it feels as if anything and everything is possible within that space.   I read the teachings of Buddha in college in an effort to resolve the disparity between my internal life and my external circumstances.   I was especially drawn to the concept of eliminating greed and craving and living fully in the present.  I struggle to adopt this way of being.  The paintings are a physical representation of my desire to live in the moment; to acknowledge my want to prolong positive feelings and shorten negative feelings, but not be ruled by it.  I stretch, morph, twist and bend the infinity sign to represent my relationships, emotions, dreams and thoughts.  The unpainted canvas in some pieces leaves space for the manner in which we affect our environment; changing ourselves, our relationships and our culture by our actions.  Thailand is the first Buddhist country I’ve had the pleasure of residing in.  I believe being in this environment has merged years of intellectual thought with artistic creation culminating in the Infinity Series. 


The tile series is populated by subjects whose anatomy is determined by their emotional state. These 'characters' or 'beings' are abstract organic forms, but project a sense of human physical traits. The polymorphic shapes are universally accessible, lacking specific references to gender, race, ethnicity or religion. I respect the importance of individual heritage and belief systems, yet want to create a means by which people feel interconnected; a complex Rorschach image where all viewers can discover themselves or someone known to them.

The tile series is named for the floor tiles in my former studio in Barra de Navidad, Mexico. The 10 inch square gray monochromatic tiles provided the starting point for a unique visual language. In the first seven oil paintings of the series, I reproduce actual tiles; enlarging the size, heightening the contrast and inserting blocks, specks and/or lines of solid color. These biomorphic forms examine the boundaries and characteristics of foreground and background, of self and other. In tiles 8 and beyond, I abandon the depiction of specific tiles. These paintings are representations of self, family, friends and acquaintances or a being as an embodiment of an emotion. My characters morph in their physical manifestation, while still retaining an essence of self I identify as distinctly individual and unique. Portraying people in many corporeal forms explores the idea of the subject(s)'s character and projection of self. Lacking common human body language these ambiguous forms mimic personality; the subject is seen differently by different viewers.


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Winter 2000: Editor's Choice Award from Art Crowd Magazine; "In the opinion of the editors of Art Crowd Magazine, [MG is] among the best working today."

contact: gallerymg@yahoo.com

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