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Greg Morell, "Experiment Transforms Downtown Amherst," THE RECORDER, June 3, 2004, p.12.

Excerpt of article discussing MG's paintings:

Two New York painters, Gordon Green and a young woman with the simple moniker of MG served the event with distinction. MG presented large tableaus fusing the anatomical elements of muscle and bone into matrices of abstract compositions. Compelling juxtapositions of battling linear forms pressurized in tight geologic strata commanded the scene, highlighted with the sparse use of flashes of color. A Simon’s Rock graduate, MG now lives in Brooklyn, but has an Amherst connection through her life partner. Smaller pieces featured bright fields of color interrupted by a single suspension of one her organic forms hanging like a jewel in a combustion of raging hue. Two of her smaller pieces sold, but she was able to defray her accommodation expenses by staying with friends. Overall, M was pleased with the event and the exposure it offered. She feels that the event is “on the right track, good for Amherst and sure to benefit from word of mouth outreach.”

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